Saturday, July 17, 2010


We're leaving today for a week at the beach. I've had a cleansing so to speak - went through hell and now I'm moving on. The house is still not finished and still has a long way to go, but that's OK, it'll be better when we get back. It's funny because we went on our dream vacation to Italy in April, and I thought it was symbolic being Easter and all - I thought I'd be reborn so to speak and have a new beginning when we returned. And I guess that's what God had in mind too! I definitely have a new beginning and new outlook on things, just had to get squeezed through a small tight opening into the other side. It's funny, I use the analogy of a bellows, the old-fashioned thing you use to fan a fire, in my voice lessons. I explain that a singer must apply a lot of pressure through a narrow opening and have it focused and strong and supported. The note must be able to travel across the room and reach its destination, as if it had a propeller on the back-side of it, moving it forward. And so it is with life. In order to get to where I want to be, I have to use energy and focus that energy. Sometimes it seems difficult and it gets tiring, but with enough practice, it eventually gets easier. I like the quote "when you're going through hell, keep on going"....
I'm bringing my guitar with me - going to practice. When I get back I'm getting together with a pianist friend to go over all my new songs to see which ones are really working. And then I have a gig a few days after that, with all new musicians (yikes!). I'm like the bellows - even pressure, steady as she goes, following through, getting to the other side, reaching my destination...

And I want a song published and a gig at a major festival!

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