Wednesday, March 16, 2011

our gifts to share

I saw a post today of a fellow musician who was complaining about his lack of success - no money, no gigs, no appreciation for his art, etc. The same things I've complained about a million times. But today I felt differently about it - maybe it was because I saw the truth in this person. It's always easier to see things in someone else's soul rather than in our own.
But I've learned a few things recently and wanted to share them, maybe they will help someone out there. And it's this: I feel that we've already "received" the gift. My friend I mentioned above was stating that he was upset, based on the feeling that he had not received the things he believes will make him happy: success, recognition, money, etc. He is essentially pounding his fists on the ground like a little child and saying "I want that" when what he has is "this". I've also heard people saying that they could do more, give more, once they receive this thing that they want.
But my idea is that you've already received it, so share it! If you are a musician, then you've already received this very precious gift, something that is uniquely yours. God created you and gave you this special talent - now it is your time to share it with the world. Quit making excuses and blaming the world or God or whatever for what you DON'T have - you've already got it! There is a concept which states if you are needy or desperate for something, your need will keep it from you. You have to practice "Non-attachment" in order to receive it - basically, you can't want it SO much. Life needs to be balanced and fulfilled with many things, not just one specific thing. It's called Letting Go and Letting God. If I am desperate for a particular outcome, I'm letting my own ego get in the way. There could be a million wonderful things waiting for me, but I'm so dead-set on it looking a particular way that I often miss out on these things. I try to have a well-rounded life, with many different avenues for joy, so that I am not attached to any particular one.
I've also seen many of my over-40 female friends, who are desperate for a relationship, crying that they never receive what they want, i.e. a man to share love with. But they already have the love in their hearts. They really just want the outlet in which to share it. We all want our gifts, which are all based in love, to be shared and make a difference in the world. If you have the desire to be loved, then you have the capability to love. So go out and love the world. There is no way you can tell me that there is not someone who could use a little love today. And giving fills up our hearts and makes us less desperate to receive that thing we "must have".