Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I wrote with my co-writer yesterday after two weeks off. We finished our song! It flowed so effortlessly and was fun! The song is very cute, catchy, and uplifting. We're both happy with it and have decided to keep writing together regularly. We have made a commitment and we're sticking to it.
I like writing with someone else - I tend to write about different topics than I would on my own. My own lyrics tend to be of a personal nature, what I'm going through at the time. But when I write with someone else the lyrics are more fictional and story-based, with more visual references. So I like that.
If I don't make the call-backs to the TV show, I'm going to present my musical ideas I wrote to my co-writer so the songs can be finished. I'd write only music if I had the choice, but I know I have things to say and that I should express them through my songs. Music just comes more naturally to me.
Anyway, slowly recovering, working through the debris of the flood and my life. Starting to rebuild...