Friday, August 27, 2010


It's been forever since my last Blog. I've been soooo busy! But it's been a good kind of busy. I'm recording and writing my Vocal Exercise Book! We recorded for three hours a few days ago - singing high C's for three hours is exhausting!

I'm finally starting to "get-it" - everything that has to do with marketing. I think marketing is a musician's best friend and worst enemy, because without it we don't have fans, and most musicians are completely clueless to how to market themselves. I used to post ads on Craigslist for my voice lessons, and got a few replies, not much though. I thought I was doing all I could, and was so extremely frustrated at how little response I was getting. I was also on several paid internet sites for music lessons. But someone, out-of-the-blue, approached me to help me (for trade I might add), who is a marketing guru. She is very smart and has so many ideas I'd never even considered. So we're doing a trade - I give her voice lessons and she helps me with marketing. I got a video camera so I can start posting video tips - in exchange I will build my email list. She says I just need some software to do this. I'm also using Skype for lessons. And now I'm recording and writing the vocal exercise book - there's not too many on the market, so I'm hoping it will be successful! I feel I've tried my hand at many different projects - I get excited at first, then I get discouraged and give up. Nothing has seemed to stick up to this point. But I feel different about this. I see doors opening up and people offering their help. Another person just yesterday offered to help me with the graphic design and packaging for the book (another trade!). So I'm excited! And as long as I'm excited I know I will keep moving forward. It just feels right. Once I get the vocal book published, then I want to start applying these same marketing techniques to my songwriting career. There's just got to be a way to get noticed. I think it's not that my work is not worthy, it's that it's just not known I have to figure a way to get my songs into people's hands. But for now I've got my hands full with my vocal book, my upcoming wedding, and my house finally getting ready! Lots going on!! One thing at a time....but it's all good!!