Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life is a River

They say Life is like a river - maybe God is like a river too. I think music and songwriting are like a river - they flow easily and much good comes from them both. I think we can identify with the "river" analogy because it's been used so many times before. It's easy to think of the river as the source of all being - to get a cool drink of water, to swim and become clean, to float along, to jump in and have fun. And rivers supply water for villages and cities to survive, and for crops too. So they are the source of Life, literally. And as long as I keep the river flowing, all is well. But that's easier said than done. If God is the source of all life and accessible at all times, then why does it seem so difficult to manifest the things in my life that I want, to easily access that divine flow? Because the river gets blocked with old thoughts and behaviors. And it's my job to dredge those things up from the bottom and work through them. Maybe I don't even know they're there - but if I keep focusing on what I want, little by little, and letting go and letting God work them into my life - the obstacles will appear. They will float to the surface. Sometimes I wonder: why is it that I was focusing on a great music career, doing my work, visualizing, meditating, and then my house gets flooded? Because that is God saying "OK, you want a fabulous career, you've got to work on all that old stuff that's blocking the way". It may not seem that way at first, but in time, and with enough work and true desire to be receptive to seeing the "gift" in everything - it can all be worked through. So it is ALL God's work, even the stuff that appears to be "bad" are opportunities to work through them, to remove that log that has prevented the river to flow as it should.