Saturday, May 15, 2010

writing again

Yesterday I woke up with a beautiful melody in my head, so I went straight to my studio and recorded it into my mini-disc. Then later I added the chords - really pretty music. It fit my mood - the flood, new rain, and all the hurt I've gone through this past week. It's great being able to filter that energy into writing music...eases the soul!
Later yesterday I wrote a few lyrical ideas - I'd like to try to finish some of the songs I've written lately by adding lyrics to them. Lyrics take me significantly longer to write than the music, sometimes days. I've co-written with other people before, which makes it easier, but if the song is one of a personal nature, it makes no sense to co-write with someone else. I have to write what I feel in my heart and soul, even if it takes days for me to get it right. And I'd love every song to be a commercial hit of course, but some songs may not be that - they may not make sense to everyone out there because it is my experience. Seems there are a lot of alternative rock songs I completely don't understand - I guess understandable lyrics apply to certain genres but not others. Remember "wrapped up like a deuce"? I never knew what the lyrics were to that song until about 20 years later. Country music of course must be very clearly stated. I'll do the best I can, but I'm not going to spend weeks on writing lyrics to a song when I'd rather write more music. Besides, it is art isn't it...? And isn't art about expressing one's soul, not necessarily on making money or identifying with everyone else, it's about expressing who I am. It's my gift to share, regardless if anyone identifies with it or not.
Hard to find the time to do both daily - maybe someday when I don't have to work at all..
I'm off today, so I will try to work on my lyrics again today.

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