Friday, May 14, 2010

getting back to business

I'm still reeling from all the drama of last week. Have a couple of loose ends to deal with. I had major discussions with several people in my life which brought me closer to them. AND I got what I wanted to convey out into the world: I deserve better than this! I've lost some people from my life too - some people I just had to cut loose when I saw their true colors. Oh well, better to find out now...It hurts, but I have to move on.
So now I am moving on with my music. Today I have nothing scheduled except music. Yeah! I'm back in business! I woke up with several song ideas, which I will work on today. I also have a "coffee house" performance (small acoustic showcase) coming up in 3 weeks - which I haven't even started organizing yet!! I have no ideas which songs I will do or which musicians will play on it. I don't really have money to hire people right now, but I want it to sound good! So not sure what to do about that..
I also have lots of little things to do before my jam gig next week - send out an email to my fans, check the keys to all my cover songs, send out a photo to the club. But I've got time so I'm going to set a schedule for myself today so I can get it all done. First priority is writing.
Seems I always put writing at the end of the list - It's hard for me to write with things hanging over my head. But I've taken a whole week off, or more, so I've got to put it first. And all the song ideas I've written for the audition I need to put some lyrics to. One song in particular is really good and catchy and I want to perform it at my coffee house show, so I've got to get it together! Lots to do today!
I still feel pained from so much heart-ache last week, but I know music can heal my soul. So I have to get back to that which feeds me...

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