Saturday, May 8, 2010

flood update2

Well, it's been a long hard week to say the least. My house is basically totaled and everything, I mean everything, will have to be replaced: walls, floors, HVAC, ductwork, cabinets, appliances. But the good news is FEMA has already been to my house and said I'd receive a check within the week! So I'm feeling optimistic that I can get on the road to recovery and stop focusing on what's wrong and start focusing on what good is coming my way!

And in terms of my songwriting, I actually woke up with a song idea this morning..a new melody. I can usually hear the whole song in my head, the melody and chords. I went upstairs at 5:00 a.m. and put the melody down on my mini-disc, so I'll be working on that later today after some much needed rest.

I'm feeling very good about my songwriting now that I've been writing regularly. I took a week off to deal with the flood, but in the back of my mind through all this, is the feeling of optimism, knowing I have a special and unique talent that I am WORKING. It's one thing to have the talent and quite another to actually put it to use! I have to do my part...
And the audition for Hitmakers is rescheduled (thank God), so that gives me more time to prepare. I picked out the 4 song ideas I actually like and printed up the charts. Then I brought out my Casio and figured out which grooves worked for each song and what piano tones. Now I have to practice! Playing and singing my songs is not something I do often, so I need work at this...If I'm going to "sell" my songs to potential artists, then I have to represent them how they're supposed to sound. I can't put all my energies into writing only to mis-represent them for lack of my playing abilities...I've got to get it together! So there is still much work to do. I'm not going to let anything, not even a major disaster deter me from my dream!

OK, hopefully starting Monday I can get back to regular writing, or at least half-regular writing. Still much to do at my house, but I want to get my routine back in order so I can keep moving forward. I see life as a series of baby-steps. There will be some set-backs, but I believe even the set-backs eventually move us forward. I know something good will come from this flood - it will make room for positive change in the right direction. So I will keep focusing on that - on the positive and trusting in the higher good..

OK, that's all for now. Gonna rest out in the sunshine, then go do some work!

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