Tuesday, May 4, 2010

flood update

Wow, sometimes life just happens...
Spent all of yesterday cleaning up my house with a crew of wonderful friends. Tough physical labor pulling up wet carpet and floorboars, knocking out wall, sopping up mud in every corner and crevice. I feel truly blessed though to have such wonderful people in my life.
In the midst of this, I just received an email from my co-writer in Germany that the publisher asked him about the publishing availability on the song he and I had written together. We had pitched it to a major European pop star. This could be good!! Maybe something good will happen through all this destruction...I'm so tired today. I really need to practice today and sing for my audition for the TV show, but I want to go help another flood victim. I HAVE to help!
So not writing music today, too much on my mind anyway and I can never write when I'm overwhelmed with life. Which is why I have to have balance in my life on a regular (normal) basis. This flood is not "normal", so exceptions have to be made.
I'll keep you posted!

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