Thursday, July 8, 2010


They say that old habits take a minimum of 30 days to change. And "they" say that what we think about is what we manifest in our lives. If I continually think fearful things, eventually the thing I fear will appear. And so it is with "good" things or the things I want. If I keep focusing on the good, then I will draw it to myself. And that also means getting out of the way, clearing the path for the good to come in, getting rid of the road blocks. THAT is the hard part in my opinion, because sometimes I don't know what those road blocks are, I just know something is blocking my good, and I have to keep digging until I find out what it is.

This is one of the things I tell my voice students (and I plan on writing a book correlating the similarities of a spiritual life and voice technique): it's very simple - open up wide and sing. Don't obstruct the path - relax your tongue, your jaw, your throat - allow room for the note to just come out. And it just needs even breath pressure to release it. It doesn't need to be forced - it wants to come out on its own - give it the space and a gentle but even nudge of breath. And so it is in life, eh? Get the obstructions out of the way and keep nudging/moving forward, keep the energy flowing....It all sounds so simple, even in singing it sounds simple. Of course, there's more depth to it than that, a million nuances. But on the surface, there's just two things - open the path and keep the flow moving...

So I am making a statement of what I want and will keep doing so for 30 days. I want this to be engrained in the heavens so there is no doubt as to what I want and that I am willing to work for it, dig through obstructions, face the truth, face myself, look at my weaknesses and fears, etc. I am willing do to whatever it takes to reach my goal - I am setting a clear intention.
Here it is, just five things:

I want to be offered a major gig as a singer/songwriter - either a European Jazz festival, a large club, opening for a major name artist, etc.
I want a major label artist to record one of my songs and release it as a single.
I want my songs placed in a major motion picture or TV show.
I want my songs to reach the #1 spot on the Billboard charts.
And of course, I want to be paid handsomely for all of the above so that I am truly living an abundant life.

There, I said it, it is done!

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