Monday, July 5, 2010

back at it

I've taken like a week off from writing and from blogging - this house thing has been a pain! I'm not upset, just frustrated that it's taking so much time out of my life. BUT, I was thinking how symbolic it is that my house was destroyed in the flood, and when we start to tear the walls out, we see that the house was rotted - so it was a good thing that it was flooded, because otherwise the house could have collapsed! And when I uncovered so many things in my personal life, I saw there was a lot of "rot" there as well. So I am now rebuilding, both my house, and my life...putting new wood and foundation, replacing the old. I feel it's time for a new beginning, something to look forward to. Sometimes you have to have challenges to face and see what's been lurking in the dark, so that they can be faced and replaced. So I'm grateful, but I'm also ready to get back to my life and my music!
Today I started on a new song and sent old lyrics to my international co-writer who is looking for lyrics to place with his songs. While reading my old lyrics, songs I've already finished but don't even remember, I realized what a great story-teller I am. I really like to write story-type songs - they are unique and can have a fresh approach to an old theme. So I will write more of those. I started working on new music today. Feels good to sit down at the piano and just plug away. Really just need a couple of hours a day to feed my soul. So, I promise to get back in my routine, and to blog several times per week - it helps me to release. Funny how easy it is to share my soul with the world and show my vulnerabilities and struggles. I'm not sitting in the pain though - I am moving on, looking to how bright things are ahead!

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