Saturday, April 24, 2010

What I learned today

I know I have to fill myself from the inside out and not expect anyone else to take care of my emotions. Isn't that a great thing that songwriting does (or any passion in one's soul)? It helps me to take care of myself and fill myself with my own joy, which takes the pressure off of those around me...

I also have to remember that songwriting is a legitimate talent and skills, deserves recognition both financially and otherwise from the world. Just because I don't sit at a desk doesn't mean my talent isn't worthwhile. I think songwriters often walk around with a hurt-little-kid attitude in the world, that we don't deserve what others have, and I think that only breeds more unhappiness in our already frustrating career-choice. I have to be empowered and realize my talent has the ability to change lives for the better, just like medicine and doctors do. So songwriting is a powerful tool that deserves its place in the world.

I take the approach that a song develops in baby steps: I set my goal (to write a song), and work on it in small steps gradually and with patience. If I try to push it, it just goes away. If only I could apply this to all of my life (which I can of course). It just comes naturally with songwriting and I have to think about it in the rest of my life...little by little and no hurdle is too great!

More later after I spend some solid time writing today....

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