Tuesday, April 27, 2010

new tools

Today I'm working on a Dance/Pop song - trying to stretch and push myself to try different genres and grooves.
Here's some more tools I am using:
- writing 2 chords per measure rather than just one
- embellishing chords with extra notes to thicken them up, i.e. 9, and 13 chords, sus-chords, chords with different notes in the bass rather than the root.
- Changing the key for the chorus and then back again for the verses.

I've seen that sometimes I write something I don't really like, such as yesterday's verse, but then it inspired me to write a really cool chorus. So I chunked the verse and wrote another one...it's kind of like life - trying to see the benefit in so-called "bad" things...sometimes they lead to the pot of gold!

Last night I did some co-writing with my friend Steve. We're working on a Motown song - it's really cool! Fun and upbeat with clever lyrics. Writing with someone else is also a good tool for me. Usually when I write lyrics I do stream-of-consciousness writing until something comes to me. But with another person, there's two ideas bouncing off each other. It's a lot of fun for me and things seem to flow quicker than when I'm on my own. However, it's important to find the right co-writer, a balance between "generator" and "editor". I had to go through a lot of writers to find one that I am compatible with as a friend and musical-partner.

I'm still working on my pop song as we speak...taking a little break. It's coming together but it needs to rest, like a stew that needs to seep a little to blend in the flavors. Usually if I keep at it daily, I'll get the results I'm after. I have to pace myself though...If I push too hard, I just get frustrated and get no musical ideas. It's like the Three Bears: not too much, not too little, but just right...I'll sleep on it tonight and see what I wake up with...

More later..

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