Saturday, September 1, 2012

You Are The Gift

I read a quote recently that goes like this:

"Music is an incredible gift...the gift of being able to learn to play music is an incredible gift. And you...are very special because you were chosen and given that gift. The day you were born the world became richer than it was because of your presence with that gift." (Rich Matheson)

The person who wrote that quote is a jazz tuba player - yeah, that's right! But does it matter if that quote is about jazz or being an instrumentalist, or being a singer? No, the message is what matters.

What struck me about this quote is that in the world we live in here in the U.S., vocal competitions on TV are everywhere! Everyone thinks they are a singer, and everyone wants to be famous and live the rest of their lives singing. And I think that's great - obviously I think singing is a wonderful expression of one's gift.

However, with all these competitions and all these singers, there's a lot of competition going on. And I don't mean just TV competition, I mean competition from one singer to another (Who does she think she is? She's not that good. Those judges don't know what they're talking about) and competition within ourselves (Am I good enough? I she better than me? I can't do that, so I must not be good.) Although these TV competitions have brought singing to the forefront and have allowed everyday people to succeed and acquire great careers that they might not otherwise have, they also bring out a lot of insecurities in young singers.

Just because someone can sing like this, and you sing like that, doesn't mean theirs is better or worse than yours. We each have our unique gift to share with the world, and it is valid the way it is. That doesn't mean you shouldn't refine it and make it the best it can be. What is does mean is embrace your unique style, the way you do things. Don't try to be someone else, don't copy someone else note for note - be YOU! Give it your unique stamp.

And don't go around speaking negatively about another singer, because really what that shows is a lack of confidence within yourself. If you felt really good about your unique gift, it wouldn't matter how someone else sings or the successes that they have achieved. Focus on your talent, your goal, your achievement, and your road to get there. Don't fall off that road by straying away to negativity, condemnation, jealousy, and catty talk. Be a professional, stay positive, trust in your gift, and give it to the world. We want to hear you.

And if someone is negative towards you and tells you you're not good enough, maybe just maybe you should listen for a moment and ask if they are right. Maybe they are! Maybe you need to work on our skills. Sometimes something painful can be just what we need to set us moving in the right direction. But if you truly think they are wrong, then just say "thank you" and move on down your road. You have to come from a place within your own heart, knowing you are valid and worthy. If this is what you truly want, then keep moving forward, inch by inch, day by day. That is how success is made. Rarely is it an "overnight" thing. It takes years of moving forward, moving forward. And you do it because it is yours to share - so share it and know that it is a gift!

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